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Ranks..what do they mean
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Ranks..what do they mean
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Joined: 23 Aug 2008
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Yeah yeah i know i sound like the retarted little kid of us all, but whatever..As most people know my 70 as Tragdar, but know i dont play him at all and only play Slystrike, but Tragdar is still noted as my main and Systrike as my alt. I just wanted to have that switched up but, If I am a member as a 61 rogue who doesnt raid on either character, should i be allowed to be above new rogues who are raiding when they start as recruit..basically I am stuck under the recruits on the character i play on MAINly when i have been in the guild for about ~1 year 4 months, and i just think i should be allowed to be a member, as part of the guild on my main char, and not less than the new people. So again, Ranks, what do they mean...Please reply with opinions    [Topic inspired by Loon]

Violence is not the answer, i just answer wrong on purpose.
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well if your not a member somethings wrong..everyone that logs in a good amount of time should be a member, if not there class lead needs to fix that..I now back when we had the Guild lead election we had to drop some ppl down to recruit tell it was over, but Class leads should be getting those ppl back to members.

all new ppl raiding or not ,come in as if your above them dont worry..If you have been here you should be a member.

hope this clear things up
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Joined: 19 Aug 2008
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to switch mains, you need to talk to the appropriate class leads to get it done, this would be why slystrike is listed as alt still
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I have talked to my class lead, I mean I dont even really care that much, hes the one that wanted me to make this post, but everyone knows I dont play and hate Trag lol.

Violence is not the answer, i just answer wrong on purpose.
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well then they should switch the ranks, other class officers arent going to
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You need to do two things.

1. If Tragdar is listed currently as your main then you must talk to the Warrior Class lead about your desire to drop this toon as your main.

2.  If Slystrike is the toon you want to be your main, you must talk to the Rogue Class lead about making Slystrike your main toon also.

Both the class that you will be dropping as your main and the class you will be picking up as your main must be spoken to and both must approve your switch.  This is to ensure openness about the raiding concerns you have already addressed.  From the sounds of it, you have spoken to one Class Lead, I think you need to talk to another one still.  If they approve and have spoken to each other about and your plans for the future, either one should be able to make the appropriate rank changes.


"Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction." - Isaiah 48:10
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Joined: 18 Aug 2008
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Adcheus wrote:
1. If Tragdar is listed currently as your main then you must talk to the Warrior Class lead about your desire to drop this toon as your main.

I don't have any issues with this.

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its all been takin care of
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Please refer to this small portion of the Latin text of the ancient version of the Valere guild charter, dating back to the year 42, for it's rules on mains versus alts as was a source of some contention during the revision and middle English translation period following the dark ages...

Ancient Charter Text wrote:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Vestibulum at nunc. Aenean turpis augue, consequat ut, tempor lacinia, convallis eget, velit. Duis quis turpis nec massa porttitor cursus. In et felis nec velit facilisis vestibulum. Suspendisse interdum, justo a dapibus lacinia, mi arcu dapibus pede, non consequat lectus odio vehicula massa. Vivamus auctor lobortis nibh. Aenean eleifend. Vestibulum orci neque, tincidunt vel, fermentum ullamcorper, dictum ac, quam. Curabitur eu tellus ac neque dapibus eleifend. Ut gravida. Vestibulum eu dolor at sapien condimentum posuere. Nam nisl urna, tempus vel, elementum sed, feugiat id, orci.

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I scrolled half way down the wall of text and found this:

"Mauris dictum risus a magna."

All I can say is I concur.

Yes, it really is in there.

"The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment." - Robert M. Hutchins
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