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25 Mans are on hold

Like the title says, we have put 25 man raids on hold for a bit due to lack of participation.  We still have enough people to actually have a raid, but lack of regular attendance has made it impossible to plan anything.

If you've recently caught our recruitment announcement, we're loosening up to prepare for WOTLK.  I think most of us have already gone in that direction anyway.  Getting rep, doing those last minute things that we wanted to get done before xpac or just doing what we can to stock up on gold so we're ready for all the new professions/items that will be available.

Current plan is to level, have some fun playing the game, raid with pug's as more and more of them spring up needing people and then level up in WOTLK.  We'll be back to 10 man raiding first, gear up a core group and get going with 25 mans again eventually.  Those who build the relationships now will of course, get first crack at those opportunities.  There are many of us who are staying together, we welcome everyone who wants to join us.

       Valere Forum Index -> Raiding Schedule (25 Man)
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