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another farewell

Well it was fun most of you know I left Valere today, It was something that was very hard to do, but I needed to do it to have fun again.

When I joined Valere it felt like a home, It was a fun place to be, now it wasnt home..The first few months or so was Great, I was able to see boss that I had never saw and it was awesome..I remember being there for some of the guild first kills and it was great..I loved seeing 30 or more ppl signing up for raids.

It was nice to sign on and have ppl say hi. I loved seeing ppl helping each other out..thats what a guild should be, but it wasnt long and the guild started to change for the worse and look at it now.

I had alot of fun while I was in Valere, untell the end..The last month or 2 wasnt fun anymore,it was a strugle to even come on.

good luck to those that stay and feel free to look me up if you need a healer.

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