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OMG a suggestion in the Suggestion Box?!?

Here's my suggestion:  Pass out phone numbers.  And no, Bleu, you can't have mine =P
Give phone numbers to somewhere you can be reached to your class leads.  The numbers will ONLY be available to them.  That way, in a situation like last night, when you only need another person or three to fill out a raid, you can call someone and beg them to sign on =)  The numbers will NOT be used as a "Hey, can you come tank Dead Mines for my alt?  I REALLY need the Defias set!" or any other non-raid time.  It's not a dating service O.o  But it SHOULD help us get more full 25 man raids and less Sunwell trash farming, ZA pointless runs, and Kara on a 25-man night runs.

what if you dont have a phone??

Tin cans and string or smoke signals for you, cave man.  Razz

Lindseysig wrote:
what if you dont have a phone??

who today doesnt have access to a house phone or a cell? i mean you can get a phone via internet now

only costs like 10 bucks to have to lol

Not a bad suggestion, hun.  Would like to see how many peeps would actually be willing to do this?

well no job means no money for a phone..I live with family that doesnt have a house phone..they have cells, but i have no use of them

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