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Fantasy Football

I may have the worst luck in Fantasy Football, this will be the 5th season I've played FFB and the 5th time I've had one of my best projected players get injured and out for the rest of the season.

My only hope is that I can recover, in the remainder of the season.

So you had Tom Brady too???? I feel your pain, so did I. I grabbed Aaron Rodgers and also have Kurt Warner.


Um, this is creepy.

Here is my list.

QB - Aaron Rodgers
QB - Kurt Warner
WR - Larry Fitzgerald
WR - Roy Williams
WR - Chris Chambers
WR - Roddy White
RB - Frank Gore
RB - Laurence Maroney
RB - Willis McGahee
TE - Jason Witten
TE - Anthony Fasano
K - Nick Folk
K - John Kasay
Def - Baltimore
Def - Minnesota

I may still be trading around a RB or WR.

On the bright side, Maroney's stock just went way up =)

Yeah, Willis McGahee is the one I'm having some doubts on... Week 2 will be his first game to play (I hope, so I'm holding on to see how he does, there are a few potential short term upgrades that will do well for me in the near term games that I'll probably have to swap or trade for the end of the season.

I also can't decide which QB to start.  I think if Rodgers gets some time in the pocket he could do better than Warner, but I think Warner is more probable against the defense this week... I've got Warner in now, but I may make a last minute switch.

Who are they playing?  And where?  I always win my league's by being a match up monster =)  Manning playing @ Chicago?  Bench him and pick up whoever the starting QB is against SF.  49ers are my team, but lets face it, they make scrub QB's look good >.<

Kurt Warner (AZ) is being visited by Miami.
Aaron Rodgers (GB) is at Detroit.

Warner has home field advantage and is coming off a win against the 49ers.  Miami lost against the Jets and managed 3 sacks on Favre last week.

Rodgers is at Detroit, and is also coming off a win against the Vikings on Monday night.  Detroit lost against Atlanta with 1 sack against Ryan the rookie.

For week 1 both AZ and GB appear to have a 2/1 passing/rushing yards (ish) with multiple backs getting carries and one guy carrying the bulk of the rushing yards.  Both defenses are so-so but Miami seemed to perform better last week.

Between everything it's a wash for me, the Lions do have a much better record at home though.  Being a Lions fan, I don't think that Detroit performed to their capability last week so I'm leaning to Warner vs the Dolphins Def.

Also I'm weighing slightly the short week that GB has coming off a Monday night game, that their performance will be down.

I guess what's your take on the 49ers game last week?

I have Rodgers as well. I was skeptical as all heck.....but I am feeling better since GB has a decent OL, better than average recievers, and a decent RB as long as he stays healthy. IE he will not be counted on to win games, just not lose too many.

Plus I remmeber what he did against my Cowboys last year when we beat up Brett and knocked him out of the game. He almost rallied the packers back and won the game. So the kid can play.

I'd start Rodgers and not think twice.

The Cardinals are a team that will always dissapoint, and find new ways to do it. Until they actually win I wont count on them doing it consistently.

Oddly I have Maroney too...

I had Marques Colsten....he bit me in the ass though as he is now worthless....

Miami's D is good, but the 3 sacks was more about who was back there than how good they are at getting to him.  Don't worry too much about them.  That said, I'd go with Rodgers.  The teams are reasonably well matched (mediocre V mediocre) but neither D is all that great.  That means both teams are going to be forced to throw quite a bit to keep up with the other, as there should be a good amount of points from both sides.

And do NOT play Maroney this week.  2 weeks from now he'll be great, but not this week, I don't care who he's playing.  The first reaction of any D-coordinator is to stack the hell out of the box to stop him and make Brady's replacement try to win the game.  That means he gets crap on the ground.  Once the new QB proves he can hurt people for stacking against the run, it'll even back up and open it up for Maroney to run a little bit, but that will take a week 1-3 weeks.

Would you put McGahee in, in place of Maroney?  This will be his first game for McGahee, I agree that Maroney will be limited, I just don't know which is a bigger risk.  My gut says stick with the performer, if the Pats come out in the air the second half could open up to the run.  Plus the Ravens have other people that have stepped up the run game, so I imagine McGahee's first week in will be light.  I'm always iffy about a RB with a knee injury, I hate to see him come back hard and fast though and miss that opportunity.

We may have the same 2 QB's but the rest of my team sucks big HAIRY balls. haha

Here's my team:
Aaron Rodgers QB
Kurt Warner QB
Chad Johnson WR
Vincent Jackson WR
Mark Clayton WR
Javon Walker WR
Kevin Curtis WR
LenDale White RB
Julius Jones RB
Edgerrin James RB
Ronnie Brown RB
L.J. Smith TE
Alge Crumpler TE
Nick Folt K

So try not to be to mean.....haha kidding

well Nick Folk is solid >.> <.<

Then again I should not say anything...I had issues with auto-drafting and pre-setting pods when I my team is not all that great...

My ONLY saving grace is Adrian Peterson....

I cant get to my team from work, but when I can I'll link it up for you.

Cool.....thanks. I was absolutely devistated when I heard Tom Brady was out for the season.

Well week 2 was good for me, at the last minute I went with my gut and Subbed Kurt Warner in for Aaron Rodgers and almost had a panic attack when Rodgers scored 29 points in my league.  Luckily in the next set of games Warner post 29 points too.

I went from 7th place overall to 2nd place, however the 1st place team has almost 30 pts over me, so I'll need a week 3 rally to close the gap and hold on to 2nd.  I've traded a few people, and I'm still hoping that Yahoo will release some of my RBs so I can drop them, right now all of my RBs can't be dropped and it's screwing me big time.

FINALLY I can drop my douchebag RBs!

Seein my league Rodgers blew warner out of the water. I get points for completions/yards/TD's so no comparison. Smile

I almost outscored my opponent with just the Packers D and Rodgers alone. Between the 2 of them they had almost 90 points Smile

I'm 2-0 so far. Smile woot!

granted I may go 2-11 as my bench SUCKS, but oh well.

In my league there is no head to head competition, I have played those leagues in the past.  The team that had the GB Def, didn't play them LOL.  GB scored 23 pts in our league and he put in a Def that only scored him 7 pts I think.

Overall my bench is pretty decent, it's just a matter of picking who will perform the best for that week.  I missed a few points only 3 by not picking the best for the week, other teams had a 60 pt difference between who they played and who was optimal for them.

Well week 1 I was ranked 7th place for my league of 8 teams, I managed 2nd place overall after week 2 finishing 1st for the week.  I have now managed to push to 1st place after week 3 finishing 1st for the week with Monday night left and a very slim chance of being passed overall or for the week.

I still have Chris Chambers to play Monday night with 60 points over the two teams with a TE and K to play Monday Night for one team and with a WR for the other team.  In my league 30 pts is the max I've seen anyone produce so far and very rarely.  So I'm looking to be making a come back.

So far the League is pretty tight, I'm hoping to keep up the performance the coming weeks and pull ahead.  This is the first time I've ever done well in FFB.

I did make one major screw up this week, I put the Buffalo Def in this week instead of Minnesota.  I lost 16 pts in my league for that screw up.

Addy had a great week this week. I am currently in 4th, after being 7th at one point, and 5th last week.

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