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Finally got pics from accident...

Imagine a Chevy 2500 with a drunk driver behind the wheel vs. a camero......



The fuel door was good till someone tried to steal gas out of it....

These pics were after i got it to a place i could keep it without spending a huge amount of money.  U dont want to see the inside of the car.  Im just happy im a small person.....

I have some pics of my leg after but i doubt u all want to see that mess.

HOLY CRAP, how are you doing lately?

lol.  Everyone has had that type of response when i show them the pics.

Im doing pretty well.  Started back to work about a month ago.  Its kinda tough but they are taking it easy on me.  Everyone that knows about the accident helps me out when i need help.  Im working for napa delivering parts so sometimes there are heavy parts and people help me out if i cant lift them.  Most of them understand and since i was gone for a year and a half, they know i went through a lot.

My leg is decently better since i had the operation where they took the pins out of my leg.  I still have some trouble walking up stairs but otherwise im able to work part time and not have much pain.  My arm has been having a little trouble from lifting stuff but it is slowly getting built up and not hurting as much.  Its just going to take some time for me to be able to do all that again.

As far as me playing the game and working its hard cuz it seems the once a week half run of kara is enough for my arm.  Ive been taking my priest in there and healing is a pain, literally.  Kinda happy i dont raid as much anymore cuz my arm is hurting a little after work and if i raid after that then my arm is decently hurting.

Well i have to get going. Ranops needs to do his homework on the laptop.  Hope to see u all around.  If i have space in my kara group u guys are more then welcome to join, if ur ok with dealing with noobs that work together well. lol.  We only do the first half of kara though cuz most of them still need some more dps to go any further than that.  Smile

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