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Well a 3rd preseason game win for the Lions, I know it doesn't mean much, but it's nice to see my team win and by a good margin.  If this new line can protect Kitna, if they can begin to mobilize the run game, and if the WR can actually play to their potential this should be a good year for the Lions, even if they don't I'll still be cheering!

lions willl never have a winning season ever again.

As long as Matt Millen is in charge I have to agree with Jorrell there.

And Im a Dan Orlovsky fan too... so sad.

Preseason 4 and 0 BABY!

Admittedly the preseason means little playoff wise, but it's a good indications of good depth and talent in the ranks which is always good.  They didn't do anything tricky or out of the ordinary swapping in the 2nd and 3rd string in the second half and playing them completely in the final game still pulling out a win.

I think their is a change in their mentality with the new "O" coordinator, and the added strength in the run game gives them more options.

It should be an interesting season... that being said last year was the first time the lines actually appeared to play a second half and actually pull out some wins.  If they can bring that this year with their added talent I think they have a winning season in the making.

Just hope it doesn't go to there heads, like when they beat denver by some act of god  Mad

LOL, yeah true story.

By the way, anyone in the area interested in seeing a game that hasn't been to Ford Field.  A bunch of Grad students at U of M (Michigan) I work with have expressed some interest, I don't know if there are group discounts but that is an option.

Also, with my very empty basement, I was throwing around the idea of a Lan Party this fall at my house, or anyone else in the Michigan area that would like to do something like that.

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