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Guild Charter

(Latin for Valor: to be worthy, to be strong, have power, be well)

I. Purpose & History

Valere is committed to being a home for high level characters on Argent Dawn in World of Warcraft. As such, we are committed to building a strong end-game raiding team that progresses as far and as fast as possible while still having fun.

We seek to provide a home and a family for our members. The people of Valere are our friends, our online family, and we try to make an atmosphere that is conducive of this.

Although we are on an RP server and we respect people who are heavy into the Roll Playing aspects of the game, Valere is more of a casual place, where we tone down the RP aspects and instead focus on the game mechanics themselves.

The Founding members leveled and progressed through level 60 content in different guilds and groups, but real life and online friendships converged as we became dissasatisfied with the way other guilds and groups focused on other things than the above.

II. Membership & Ranks

Alt: This rank is for Alts to guild members.

Recruit: A rank for people who have no other guild and are interested in joining the guild and are attending raids to determine if they are a fit.  Recruits are not eligible for loot but do earn DKP to be used if they join the guild.  As non-members in the application process this rank will have no access to the guild options including the guildchat options.

Member: A rank for lower level characters and part time raiders. People at this level get invited to raids when spots cannot be filled by Raiders.  As alts and infrequent raid participants, this rank will have access to guildchat listen, speak and edit public note.

Raider: You are a hard core raider.  You are the backbone of our raiding. You get first invites to raids.  As raid participants, this rank will have access to guildchat listen, speak and edit public note.

Class Leader: Nine people elected by members of their class to lead them, teach them to be better players, and organize all aspects of the class. The class leaders should work with all guild members of their class. They will also work a lot with Initiates. Class Leaders may share or distribute their responsibilities among the members of their class if they so choose.  Class Leaders will recieve assist in the raid to invite their class to fill the spots specified by the Raid Leader.  As class leaders, this rank has access to all guild options except for invite member and remove member to ensure checks and balances.

Raid Leader: The Raid Leader's job is to run each individual raid. Strategies will have been discussed ahead of time among the Leaders if we're tackling a new boss, and the RL will explain the strategy to the group. The RL will be the only one talking on TS/Ventrilo during boss fights, and he's the only one who will ever give orders inside an instance. While a raid is in progress, on the fly decisions are made by the Raid Leader quickly and must be followed by all. People may disagree with the Raid Leader, but should voice such disagreements respectfully, and at the appropriate time.  As raid leader, this rank has access to all guild options except promote and demote, invites and removals will be based off of Class Leader recommendations but ensures checks and balances.

Guild Leader: As the head of the guild, the leader determines the focus and direction of the guild.  He has the tie breaking vote on all class leader decisions.  As guild leader, this rank has access to all guild options, invites and removals will be based off of Class Leader recommendations but ensures checks and balances.

III. Elections

Guild Leader Elections:  Elections for the Guild Leader will occur every six months, nominations to be submitted via forum from January 1st to January 4th and July 1st to July 4th.  Elections will run from January 5th to January 8th and July 5th to July 8th.  The first of these will be on July 1st 2007.  At any time a Guild Leader may choose to step down, and an interim Guild Leader can be elected, until the next election period.

Class Leader Elections: Elections are held among each class to choose a Class Leader.  Elections will be held in April and October in the same fashion as the guild leader elections.  Only the main character in the guild will vote for their same class.

Raid Leader Elections: Elections are held among the class leaders and guild leader to choose a Raid Leader.  It is a permanent position until the Raid Leader wants to step down or other leaders feel it would be in the guild’s best interest to choose a new leader. Class Leaders will vote upon any nominations and the Guild Leader will cast the deciding vote should no majority be found among the Class Leaders.

IV. Application Process

People of all classes and levels can apply to Valere.  All applicants need to fill out an application using the form available on our web site.

As the guild grows and we develop and advance, requirements maybe agreed upon by the Class Leaders, Raid Leader and Guild Leader.  These requirements will be stated in the recruitment section of the forums.

Class Leaders will ensure that applications for their class are reviewed on at least a weekly basis.  Once reviewed the applicant must be contacted and reviewed for fit into the guild, including any requirements for gear or attunement.  Availability for new membership will be determined and the applicant will be notified of the status of their application.  Examples of status include but are not limited to; we are not interested in your application for the following reason(s), we are full on this class at this time and you can be notified of availability if you wish, we have an opening for this class and would like to schedule some initial raids to better determine how you will fit in with the guild.  Anyone waiting for availability must be contacted on a monthly basis to keep them informed of their status, their continued interest and what position they are in line should other applicants be waiting also.  Lastly new guildies will be accepted in order of the application for each class.

Any member that quits the guild will reapply and wait their turn before being readmitted to the guild.

V. Guild Expectations and Rules

You have the Valere guild tag underneath your name, and as such you're always a representative of the guild no matter where you are or what you're doing. Always behave in a respectful, non-greedy, and courteous manner, and of course always follow the Terms of Service and End User License Agreement.

The Guild has very strict guidelines for the few rules that we have. If you cannot abide by these rules, it is suggested that you consider another guild.

Have FUN playing this game. Be kind, polite and courteous to yourself and your fellow gamers. As you can see, the guild rules are simple, straight forward, and easy to follow.

If you have any concerns or problems, bring them to your Class Leader.  If you are not satisfied with the results, take the time to bring up your concerns to yours and at least one other Class Leader.  If you are still not satisfied schedule a meeting with your Class Leader, one other Class Leader and the Guild Leader. This does not limit you from talking with the Guild Leader at any time, but the position can be quite hectic.

VI. Expectations & Requirements for Raiding

Above all else, Raiders must keep the game fun – for themselves and for everyone else. This involves many things, but all of them come down to respect, a sense of humor, and being flexible.

Raiders will be expected to have potions, unflag, repair and have reagents ready for the raid. In addition, stat requirements maybe set for each class. Depending on the class and role they fill these stats may include but not be limited to, Hit points, Mana, any school of resistance, attack power, hit, crit, spell damage and defense. Assessements will be made in advance, and coordinated with the schedule. Exceptions to these requirements can be made on an individual basis for the purpose of continuing raid progress.

CT-Raid Assist and TeamSpeak/Ventrilo are required for each raid. Additionally, a form of Decursive (whether it's the Decursive mod itself or the option in CT Raid Assist that does the same thing) is highly recommended for all priests, paladins, druids, and mages. Speak to your CL to see how best to utilize these mods.  KTM threat meter is necessary for some fights to allow for the best DPS without pulling agro, so everyone will have it.  CL should advice their class on the recommended position on the meter.

Accidents and errors happen – don't be an ass on either side. If you make an error, apologize; if an error affects you, accept the apology. That being said, sometimes errors occur because of not being prepared, not listening to the strategy or asking questions if you weren't completely sure of your role, going afk without telling anyone, or other such reasons – those kinds of errors are not acceptable if they happen on a regular basis. We all understand the best of us make mistakes sometimes.

No one is required to spec a certain way. However, specs may effect whether or not you get invited to a raid because everyone must fill a specific role. For instance, fury warriors are often treated as Rogues when determining composition of a raid.

Attendance at every raid or guild event is not mandatory. No one is allowed to pressure anyone to join a group – if someone says no, that's the end of it, and anything more constitutes harassment. However, raids cannot happen without a large portion of the raiding team there every week, which means there are attendance expectations. If you cannot make a scheduled raid, it is expected you will tell your class leader ahead of time if possible. Real life happens; we all understand that, but making a habit of not showing up when you are expected is not acceptable.

If people are constantly showing up for the instances that are on farm, but not the ones that are not, there is a chance the person will have their status changed from Raider to Member status. This will not happen until after a Leader has approached the person and discussed the issue with them prior to the status change.

Additionally, if a Raider's attendance at raids is incredibly rare (say, they make one raid every couple of weeks) they may have their status changed to the rank of Member because Raiders must be able to be counted on to be there for the team on a regular basis. A new Raider will then be recruited to take their place, if necessary. We do allow people to take vacations; just make sure your Class Leader is aware of your schedule.

Raiders may not lock themselves into another guild's (or a PuG's) 20- or 40-man instance without checking with their Class Leader first.   We need members of the raid team to be dedicated to Valere's progression and to gearing up their teammates. This doesn't mean you can never raid with other groups – we understand that if there's no room for you on one night that you may want to find another group, and that's absolutely fine, just check in with your Class Leader prior to signing up for the other raid.

Going AFK during a raid is usually perfectly acceptable (hey, we all have to pee sometimes), but you may never go AFK without notifying your Class Leader or another member of the Raid Council if your CL isn't present. You must also tell us how long you'll be gone for and either find a safe space to hide until you come back or put someone on follow. Again, we all understand that RL happens. In instances where the time is expected to be greater than 3 hours (such as Molten Core) we often will have a 5-10 minute recess half way though. This break is usually just prior to or just after a boss.

The Valere web site exists to keep everyone informed and to discuss issues that may come up (as well as to joke around, post funny or interesting links, etc.). It's expected that all guildies will be active in the forums – as a general guideline, you should visit them and post/respond to a post at least three times a week. This lets us know that you are there, and it lets the raid officials get that all important feedback that helps prevent them from burning out, as well as helps them make the raiding experience more fun for all that are involved.

Guildies who apply to other guilds (whether raiding guilds or not) will be immediately changed to Member status. Valere raiding is for Valere first and foremost. You will still potentially get invited to raids, but by applying to another guild, you have shown that you are not devoted to Valere.

A typical raiding schedule is as follows: Monday through Wen, at 6:30pm server time for invites, people will do a raid that should be over before 11 pm server time. Friday is Get-Stuff-Done day. This will entail various things, often organized by the Guild Officers or Class Leaders.  U.S. Holidays will typically play havoc with our schedule, as the majority of people within the guild are from the US. However, please recognize that a sizable percentage of people are not from here, and as such they do not know about our holidays ahead of time. Class Leaders or officers will often post something on the web site a week or so prior to any holiday that may be significant, and ask people their schedules so that they can plan accordingly.  This schedule is variable and will be adjusted to best fit the majority of those raiders.

VII. Loot Systems

We use a DKP (dragon kill point) loot system. Each boss killed is worth a certain number of points and raiders may use those points for bidding on BoP items and BoE set pieces that drop.  On average bosses will be worth 1 to 2 points and how many will be determined by the Leaders, (Class, Raid and Guild), to determine how valuable that boss maybe either by difficulty, loot or both.  Until the raid has downed the boss twice, wipes on new bosses will yield 1 DKP for each attempt up to a maximum of 5 DKP per boss.  This however should never be abused by making attempts on as many new bosses as possible.

Minimum bids for loot will be 2 DKP for BoP blues, and 5 DKP for purples.  You can only bid on items that you can use, there are no class restrictions, however it is expected that items go to those that will use the items for the benefit of the raid.

New members will start with zero DKP, and be allowed to go negative only on the condition that someone with enough DKP isn’t bidding.

The bidding process is as follows: the Master Looter (ML) will link all items that dropped from a boss, then link one item and announce that bids are being accepted for it. Raiders wanting to bid on that item must announce in Raid chat their bid, the first person with the highest bid wins.  The ML will count down from 3 for last bids and hand them out.  If two people bid the same amount, the first one to post the bid has the winning bid.  The person didn't get the bid in first must either bid higher or pass.

You only lose DKP if you win the item. You may not take back a bid after you've put it in. You may not bid more DKP than you have. You receive (and may use) the boss DKP once the boss is dead. Points cannot be transferred or loaned between players. Players with more than one character (or Toon) have DKP assigned to each toon.

DKP Decay-  If you take an extended leave of absense without informing a class leader, or guild leader you will be subject to DKP decay.  Each month of non-raiding will result in a -10 dkp penalty.  If you quit the guild your DKP will be immediately reduced to ZERO.

Onyxia's Scales, Core Leather, Fiery Cores, Lava Cores, Essences (of fire, earth, etc.), Dark Iron Ore, enchanting mats, Idols, ZG Coins, AQ Scarabs and all other crafting related items are all collected by the ML and sent to the Raid Bank, as are any unneeded BoE epics and rare plans. Non epic BoEs are rolled for at the end of each raid – the first round is for those who didn't receive any items yet, and subsequent rounds are open to all. There are not many of these items on raids such as Molten Core. Those that do drop are distributed so that people have the opportunity to supplant their farming and repair costs.

VIII. Raid Bank

The Raid Bank exists on bank alts of Leaders. Items in the Bank are primarily used for crafting needed items for raiders – for instance Dark Iron gear for plate-wearers, Onyxia Scale Cloaks for the whole raid, and Flarecore Gear for clothies. As it is though the efforts of the Raiders that these materials are gathered, they get first priority on these items. Once all raiders are done with the items in question, then and only then will requests from outside the Raiders be considered.

Quest items like coins and scarabs may be requested by any Raider for completion of gear quests only after they have the reputation and BoP item needed. Requests for those items to hand in to gain reputation are also considered. Again, request from other than raiders will be looked at once the raiders have been taken care of. Alts of current raiders are considered to be non raiders until such alts regularly attend raids and are given the status of Raider within the guild.

Other items in the Bank, such as Nexus Crystals or Essences of Fire, may be requested and are considered on an individual basis – the deciding factor is always whether or not that is a good way to use the items for the team's progression.

Any BoE epics or rare plans that end up in the Bank are auctioned off in the same way that DKP bidding occurs during a raid, usually at the following week's raid after the first boss is down.

The Guild Bank may sell off or trade items within the Bank as the need arises. If we have no need for a particular BoE epic, than the Bank may trade the items for items we do need, or sell them on the Auction House to make money. The Bank may decide to help people achieve various faction reputations (in particular, that with the Thorium Brotherhood) for various members, in order to provide access to the plans the reputation provides to the members of Valere.

To request materials from the bank for crafting of items, the person should contact their class leader. The class leader will determine the appropriateness of the request. If it is approved, it will be forwarded to the Bank. The Bank, in consultation with the Class leaders and Officers, will determine the order of providing the limited number of materials. If it is for quest hand ins, such as the AQ Idols and Scarabs, then they should write an in game mail to the appropriate bank listing the items they need. A Class Leader or Officer may require verification of the BoP Quest item prior to handing out the items.

IX. Procedures within the Guild

The promotion system is simple within Valere. People start off as Initiate. Once they have shown that they are worthy, they become promoted.  Promotion from initiate to member and member to raiders should be within several weeks to one month depending on the individual’s availability, performance, and room in the appropriate rank.  

Leader positions are elected positions for specific terms as stated above.  This level exists as a separate ranking within the guild not because they are above the “rank and file” of the Raiders, but because they have special guild authority and abilities in order to meet the responsibilities they have taken on; the ability to invite new potential Raiders into the guild, the ability to promote people from Initiate, and so forth in order to make the Raiding go smoothly and efficiently.

Changes to the Charter require a majority vote from all Class Leaders with a tie being decided by the Guild Leader.

As the game adds more content and continues to grow, so will Valere. Our organization is not stagnant, and we will adapt to our environment.

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