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Guys please understand whats going on

I know everyone wants to raid and when we have to call it being down 2-3, sucks, I know, but please be paticant we are doing what we can get to get raids together and do stuff.

Losing a raid Lead and an officer sucks, right now we dont have many that can lead raids that have working Mic's, but are working on that.

also raid set up is very important for all 25 mans..cant do much with 1 tank and 1 mage Like we had tonight.  we thought about doing gruul or mags, but still need tanks and a mage tank for that.

soo Please understand we are doing what we can to raid.

I will still be here for the raids. But i warn you all. My patience is starting to ware.

Ortegoi wrote:
I will still be here for the raids. But i warn you all. My patience is starting to ware.


the hyjal thing was not that big of deal I just get to take my lock with the SD run and not my rogue

people need to make sure when they are joining a RAIDING guild that they will be here on raid nights.... its only 3 nights a week its not like we are the old potp or bp and have a 6 night a week raiding layout

Guys, the problem is that we rely on 25 individuals, when people can't accept sitting on back-up from time to time and quite we lose those people to fill in raids when we need them.  When people get frustrated because raids aren't going off as schedule and then they leave they are making it worse for the rest of the guild.

Every raiding guild hits lows were essential people move on or quite playing for a plethora of reasons, Fearful Ways and Dark Fist both have had whole weeks where they couldn't put a raid together.  All of the leadership feels the same way, we recruit and look for new people.  We get the best people we can, and sometimes that means people that are under geared.

If you need gear, put the effort out there and get as much as you can, PVP, Badges, Heroics etc.  If you have good gear then put some effort out there to help people that need gear.

Both as individuals and as a guild we need make an effort to help ourselves and each other by working together.

Its still summertime, regular attendance is going to be a problem. Personally, I won't have a reliable enough schedule to even think of signing up for raids until after labour day. Have a little patience, people will come back and we'll get back to kicking arse soon enough. Smile

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