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Malhalrin 70 Shaman

1. Link your armory here.

2. What is your character's maximum resistances? As of now not very good but if needed that can change.

3. How often do you pvp (world, battlegrounds, arena)? not that much anymore, whenever I can find a good pre-made or when I'm bored.

4. Does your main character have a flying mount? Yes

5. Please link to your current talent build. Why have you chosen this build? 0 / 47 / 14 I choose Enhancement because I wanted to play a melee dps class and enhance shamans are kickass =P

6. Is your character revered with (Please indicate level of reputation if not revered)
- Cenarion Expedition? Exalted
- Honor Hold? Revered
- Lower City? Revered
- The Sha'tar? Exalted
- Keepers of Time? Revered
- Keyed for Karazhan? Yep

7. Do you have 375/375 First Aid skill? Yes

8. What are your two professions, and do you have any rare recipes/patterns/schematics? JC & Mining, I have some of the epic patterns, I could have all of them but I'm saving to get my epic flying mount.

9. Are you willing to respec to perform your raid role as defined by your class leader as well as possible? Are you willing to respec to fit the needs of the guild? Yes but I would prefer to stay enhancement, I have a decent healing set but my elemental set is trash atm

10. Who do you know in the guild and how? nobody but I'm hoping to change that =D

11. Have you read the Valere Guild Charter and AGREE FULLY to its terms and conditions? Yes


1. Do you have any level 60+ alts? Yes, I have a 70 mage and a 70 druid.
Mage -
Druid -

2. Do you understand that you are applying as your main character, and that you may not be allowed to "switch mains" once in the guild?
Yes I understand =P.


1. Please show us your guild history. Well I was in Right Clique and got kicked from the guild because of kara loot drama...very long story ( had nothing to do with me getting/not getting loot ) and as of right now i'm in the last hope they are a great group of people but they are more of a casual raiding guild and I'm looking for a serious raiding guild.

2. Why do you wish to join Valere? Well as listed above I'm looking for a serious raiding guild and your schedule is what I'm looking for, I usually go out friday and saturday nights and football season is starting this weekend ( YAY!! ) so I'm usually not on sunday. I'm really looking to raid Monday - Thursday.

3. Why are you leaving or have you left your most recent guild? Well I'm still in The last hope and I would not like to leave them until I have a new guild lined up which I hope will be Valere and I'm leaving mainly because of the raiding schedule.

4. What would you bring to Valere as a person? Well i'm a very laid back person and very easy to get along with. I believe in getting things done but having a good time getting them done, this is a game and games are suppose to be fun. Also I understand that a dead raider is a useless raiders so I'm not afraid to pop a pot/bandage and self heal.

5. How old are you? 18

6. Are you available from 7pm to 11:00pm server most nights a week? Yes

7. Do you have Ventrilo and a microphone? Yes and yes

8. Do you have the latest CT Raid and Deadly Boss Mod? Of course =D

9. Are you comfortable with mature subject matter in guild and vent? Yes and Yes.

So Mal, a couple questions.  What happened with Right Clique and the kara loot drama?  You can PM your answer to me if you like on that one.

Also, Why did you join Last Hope and just a couple days later are applying to Valere?  What made you join Last Hope and why weren't you aware of it before you joined?

I noticed you were gone from the server for awhile, came back in July joined Wrath...something (can't remember the name) but were only there for 3 days before joining Right Clique.  Were you playing on another server or just gone?  If another server, which one and what was your name?

Well, I joined last hope because my brother is in the guild and he was telling me they really wanted me to join, but I have been looking at their raiding schedule and it is just not gonna work. I'm looking for more of what Valere has Mon-thurs. I plan on talking to the guild leader when I get on later today (I'm at my GF's house atm and she does not play WoW) and let her know that I might be leaving. I started this character on the server skywall because my one friend plays on that server but he stopped playing so I transferred to AD. Wrath of honor was just a random guild invite, I did the daily heroic with them and they invited me to the guild, I had already applied to Right Clique when I joined Wrath and as far as the Kara loot drama I will be more then happy to explain that when I get home later, I will probably be on around 5 server because that is when my GF has to go to work. Thanks replay and I hope to hear from ya soon =D

Thanks for your answers to the other questions.  Looking forward to your answer about Kara.

Malhalrin wrote:
I started this character on the server skywall because my one friend plays on that server but he stopped playing so I transferred to AD.

I thought you started this character as an alt while you were in Silver Dawn with your druid on this server?  Did I get that confused?

heh yes when I made this character I had been long gone from SD, I left SD on my druid back when a kara kill was a big deal =P I could not get a raid spot and a guild called void wanted me to join them so I could raid but that guild fell apart very fast =\ I made this toon on skywall to play with a bud of mine but he just stopped playing...according to him he got tired of the game *sigh* but before I made mal I started playing my mage again and I was in a guild called solvo vestri which I left also due to raid issues.. (leader was allowing off specs to roll over main specs ) and then I made mal on skywall. I'm gonna drop my GF off at work soon and I will on when I get home, so talk to you then.

Hey Mal, sorry it's taken a little bit to get back to you.  Please read the announcement about recruiting status in this forum.  If you still want to apply, respond with an affirmative and I'll invite you.

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