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Vashj poll, who's in 8-27 to 8-31?

This is to feel around for interest in killing Vashj.  Most of us have attempted her, some of us have killed her, but I think those of us who have seen her die are in the minority.  I know it's a complicated fight, many things have to go just right or it doesn't work.  But we've proven that we can do those types of things, and I think we need to pay this bitch another visit.  The survey at the top is to see when people want to do it, as I don't care when it happens.  If you're available for multiple days, reply saying so, and add your preferred day.  I'll keep a running "Potential Roster" as we get answers.

I am putting down Saturday, but I am open to any day.

I can go wednessday, thursday, or sunday

i wud love to go. im free all days cept saturday(may have mags)

Not nearly enough interest =(  I think we can kill her, but not with 15 ppl >.>

id be up for it, i just cant commit to any certain day =(

I'm willing to try and will be around - though I have never fought her much less died (looking forward to it though...). Either Skiff (rogue) or Azzuro (h. priest) ...

we need to worry about the raids we cant fill right now

Lindseysig wrote:
we need to worry about the raids we cant fill right now

I'm doing something to try to get people to raid.  What are you up to?

for me, vashj is new content.

i can go whatever day you want, i put wednesday because it was first on the lsit.


I agree with sparxx.

I want Vash ded

So lets get it together and pug the rest

It could work..have seen it done

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