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video cards

is this a good one?? NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT 512MB

also what is a good one thats good for wow, but cheap..I only go with nvidia stuff so just those

i use it....

its good card for a cheap price

all i play is wow i dont need the cutting edge

with this card i have all my settings up and playing at a 1680 by 1050 rez and i never drop under 60 fps and 45 fps when reacording movies

thats good im using a nvidia 8800 gts and your is almost as good its mainly the ram you need to worry about and processor speed.

Also was it a laptop or a reg pc but yeah that should be more then enough for now im only using 2 gig of ram but im getting more soon but im using a lot of hd space as virtual ram which helps a lot so maybe you could try doing that i could tell you how to increase it if you dont know how now.

Not sure how much more upgraded wotl will be but im sure it will be somewhat equal to the bc increase try to find out the requirements for it if possible and the might help your decision.

also my processor speed is duel core intel 6700 at 2.66 ghz if that helps at all.

Ya, I Have an old fx 5200 in my comp right now..just thinking of looking on ebay for a good one to run WoW and not have fps problems when in like tk or hyjal..I also have 1.5 gigs of mem so im ok there.

just manly getting an idea on whats good and whats not

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