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Warcraft Lore.. Our story

OK, so i just had a great idea. I'm going to startup a continuing thread where everyone posts a paragraph or so to continue the story line. I think this will be fun and maybe help people check in on the forums a little more ofter.

So, here we go....

<mind blank>

I'll start on next post or someone can start it

Marindah suddenly awoke in an unfamiliar place. She looked about and as her eyes wearily brought the blur of green and purple into focus, she slowly recognized her whereabouts. The sounds of wildlife and a nearby babbling brook polluted the otherwise untalkative air. She drew a deep breath as she watched the morning light of the dawning sun begin to piece through the ancient forest canopy. She was home.

There was a cool breeze wafting through the Ashenvale trees. It chilled her to point of jittering when she realized she had awoken without any clothing on. She had grown so accustomed to life in the civilized lands of Azeroth that she was embarrassed for a moment. But the youthful calls of birds off in the distance reminded her of her deep connection with the land of her childhood. And she calmed as she stepped out of the shade to bathe in the sunlight. The golden rays lifted all the apprehension and frigidness from her body.

And then, her fine-tuned ears twitched slightly as they caught echoes on the wind that did not carry nature's signature. She moved softly but quickly toward the sound. As she cautiously approached the source of the noise accompanying the sounds of the nearby brook, she stayed out of sight behind an age-old tree near the water's bank. It was the sound of a human. A man. He was humming. And there was also the sound of ragged cloth running against metal.

Through the tightly-woven lower limbs of the tree she could see just his hands holding the cloth, wiping it across what looked like plate armor. He was humming what sounded like an old Alliance battle march as he polished the right-hand side of his shoulder piece. She took note of how large and strong his hands were as they did their work. Her eyes remained hopelessly drawn to them. She could not see his head or his face, so she was unsure of who exactly he was.

Suddenly he stood upright and walked toward his camp supplies and she quickly but quietly noted that she wasn't the only one in the woods that wasn't properly dressed. She quickly moved to be completely obstructed by the tree she was hidden near, knowing that a man would be much more apprehensive about being discovered disrobed in the wilderness than even she would. However, she resolved that she had to figure out who he was...

Ortegoi was walking thru the lush forest of Ashenvale. He was a stout man, little over the half of normal human height with big brown eyes and black beard. A dwarf from the great city Ironforge, across the vast sea; upon his walk he had realized the natural beauty of this far away land. Great big trees, much taller than his home of Khaz Modan; surround him. The wind starts to blow a cool breeze thru his beard.

What’s that sound? Ortegoi peeks thru a bush to see a Night Elf woman pushed upon a tree. She is not moving, like she is strapped to the tree. The Dwarf peers around noticing a Human man polishing some armor. He looks back at the woman and back at the man. The woman just stands there; why? By the light, the human must have kidnapped the poor lass.

Ortegoi pushes thru the bush and starts charging the man. Singing his song of war, he lifts his mighty warhammer to his shoulder. Suprising the Night Elf and the Human…

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