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Zawe 70 prot pally


1. Link your armory here.
2. What is your character's maximum resistances?
Everything at 0
3. How often do you pvp (world, battlegrounds, arena)?
Every now and then
4. Does your main character have a flying mount?
5. Please link to your current talent build. Why have you chosen this build?
0/51/10, I chose prot because I found Holy way to boring and I wanted to tank because its fun
6. Is your character revered with (Please indicate level of reputation if not revered)
- Cenarion Expedition? Exalted
- Honor Hold?Exalted
- Lower City- Revered
-The Sha'tar? Exalted
- Keepers of Time? Exalted
- Keyed for Karazhan? Yes

7. Do you have 375/375 First Aid skill?
8. What are your two professions, and do you have any rare recipes/patterns/schematics?
360 Blacksmithing/375 mining, And yes I have some rare patterns.
9. Are you willing to respec to perform your raid role as defined by your class leader as well as possible? Are you willing to respec to fit the needs of the guild?
Well I really want to be protection but if really need then sure.... and It would be holy
10. Who do you know in the guild and how?
Nobody but looking forward to meet new people
11. Have you read the Valere Guild Charter and AGREE FULLY to its terms and conditions?


1. Do you have any level 60+ alts?
2. Do you understand that you are applying as your main character, and that you may not be allowed to "switch mains" once in the guild?
yup and happy to read it.


1. Please show us your guild history.
The Shadowborn, Right clique and Still guilded with the Last hope..
2. Why do you wish to join Valere?
I really want to raid with this guy but with The last hope they hardly raid the instances I am geared for but they are really nice people
3. Why are you leaving or have you left your most recent guild?
I am leaving because they just raid kara/ZA, And the raiding time/Schedule is perfect for me
4. What would you bring to Valere as a person?  
I am a very kind and respectiful person.... and I will do anything to help the guild out
5. How old are you?  
6. Are you available from 7pm to 11:00pm server most nights a week?
7. Do you have Ventrilo and a microphone?
8. Do you have the latest CT Raid and Deadly Boss Mod?
9. Are you comfortable with mature subject matter in guild and vent?

Are you willing to listen to advice?  I'm not the classlead (elections coming soon) but I can help you be better.  A little tweaking of the spec, a little bit of re-gemming, etc.  Are you willing to take advise?

Re: Advice

Well I think I have good enough gems in my sockets...and I like my spec, I can take advice but probably won't listen to it... Msg me in-game I will be on most likely all day

I suppose it all depends on what you'd like to tank.  Right now, you're %2.4 or so crushable still.  With a little re-gemming you can be uncrushable.  But if you're only wanting to be an Off-tank, your numbers are good.  If you want to kick a boss in his shin and dare him to kill you, you need a little more avoidance.  And the only spec-related thing I was going to suggest was to get your points out of reckoning, as it causes you to take more damage (by getting parried twice as often) than the benefit it gives you in threat.

I know you've talked to Mauras in game.  Let me know if you're still interested in an invite.


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